The Old World – album

Release date: 2015
Recorded at Goodnight John Boy Studios, Woerden, NL.
Feat: Herman Brock Jr * Lizz Sprangers * Geertje van den Berg * Hans Wolters * Aart Schroevers * Arnold Lasseur * Bart van Strien * Robert-Jan Kanis * Henk Van der Sypt * Herman Brock Sr. * Janos Koolen * Joost van Es * Jeroen Schmohl * Laurens Joensen * David Buyle * Peter de Smet

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Album Notes

16 musicians, 16 original songs by Herman Brock Jr. (and Sr.) about life in the old world, tales and legends.

“A bluegrass album about “The Old World”, with “Old World” Musicians. I started thinking or better, dreaming about recording this album some years ago. Inspired by the bluegrass masters and above all “The Mountain” by Steve Earle and the Del Mccoury band.

Being a Dutch boy from the Southwestern part of The Netherlands a.k.a. Holland, called “Zeeland” (The “Old Zealand”) I heard many stories and legends from our region, Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen, the Flemish part of Zeeland. My 12th century hometown “Terneuzen” has had a port since 1460 so many of these stories were about traveling.

Once I got all the songs finished, I knew I wanted to record this album with The Blue Grass Boogiemen, my own bands, The Brockettes and The Bluegrass Bunch / The Revenuers, and some specific guests Joost van Es (fiddle), Janos Koolen (mandolin), Jeroen Schmohl (dobro), Laurens Joensen, David Buyle, Peter de Smet and my dad, Herman Brock Sr. All the people I wanted to play with are on this album.

I am extremely grateful to have worked with so many talented players.”

Herman Brock Jr.

“Brock does bluegrass the way Bill Monroe wanted it to be done. Complete with single microphone, soulful songs and great stage presence. Finding him in the middle of the Netherlands surprised and delighted us.”
Ben Wright – Henhouse Prowlers