Gather Around The Mic – album

Release date: 2007
Recorded at Porgy & Bess, Terneuzen, NL.
Feat: Herman Brock Jr * Lizz Sprangers * Geertje van den Berg

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Album Notes

Close-harmony singing has been a big part of the Brock Family tradition for Jr. since childhood (with his father and brother), bassplayer Lizz couldn’t escape his enthusiasm. Jr.’s friend Geertje accidentally turned out to be a great third harmony singer. And with her playing mandolin and autoharp, the Brockettes were born. With their first gig as Brockettes as support act for the Hackensaw Boys in Porgy & Bess, Terneuzen NL, they’re off to a good start. The Brockettes sing originals and bluegrass traditionals.