Coco Loco – album

Release date: 2006
Recorded at the Casa Studios Austin, Tx. Produced by Jesse Dayton.
Feat: Herman Brock Jr. * Lizz Sprangers * Jesse Dayton * Redd Volkaert * Mark Rubin * Brian Thomas * Eric Tucker * Erik Hokkanen * Riley Osbourn * Bradley Jaye Williams * Mike Barfield

Album Notes

Me (Jesse Dayton) and Jr., met at a great club down in Terneuzen called Porgy and Bess’. Myself and the band, (as alot of American musicians are I’m sure),we’re pretty impressed with all the Jazz and Blues legends that had played there, so on that night we decided to give’em everything we had….long and short….it was a killer crowd/killer show. I walked off stage and this guy says, (in the most authetic East Texas drawl….no really….he sounded like my FAMILY!), “Hell of a show….I’m Herman and I’d like to come to Texas and make a record with y’all”! Me and the guys in the bands’ jaw dropped when we found out he wasn’t from Houston or Beaumont….he was from Holland! After one too many Heinekens and God knows what else, I figured out Herman was a songwriter, just like his Daddy…..SO….we did it and here it is….a record me and Jr. and Lizz Sprangers made with some Austin musicians in the Lone Star State. We had a blast doing it and there’s some real gems on here….Herman Brock about as country a songwriter as anyone anywhere…..Texas or Holland! Jesse Dayton

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