Sometimes called the ‘Herman Brood’ of Bluegrass: Herman Brock Jr., a left-handed Dutch Bluegrass, Americana and Blues musician, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Terneuzen, the Netherlands.

As a teenager, Herman played guitar and sang in his father’s band, Herman Brock and the FFFF. He began songwriting at age 15. His main instruments are vocals and guitar, but also plays banjo, mandolin and dulcimer.

*2022: Herman Brock Jr. – Open Your Eyes – single
*2022: Herman Brock Jr. – Devianto
*2022: Herman Brock Jr. – Money (The Cashbox Piano) – single
*2019: Herman Brock Jr. – Freedom – single
*2016: Herman Brock Jr. – Lust for Life / Live your Life to the Limit – single
*2015: Herman Brock Jr. – The Old World
*2009: Brock’s Blue Grass Bunch – Brock’s Blue Grass Bunch
*2007: Brock & The Brockettes – Gather around the mic
*2005: Herman Brock Jr. & The Eurocasters – Coco Loco
*2003: Herman Brock Jr. & The Eurocasters – Straight Up!
*2002: Herman Brock Jr. & The Eurocasters – The Devil’s Got A Hold On Me
*1999: Herman Brock Jr. & The Eurocasters – Demo 1999

As guest musician:
* 2005: Jesse Dayton – South Austin Sessions
* 1993: Brock Family – Land Of Jubilee
* 1991: Herman Brock & The FFFF – State 51

“Love this record it puts the blue into Blue Grass it’s as good it gets. The songs on this album will take you on a ride thru Virginia, Tennessee and thru the hills of Kentucky, and on a magic carpet ride US 23 the country music Highway” Guthrie Kennard

“Brock does bluegrass the way Bill Monroe wanted it to be done. Complete with single microphone, soulful songs and great stage presence. Finding him in the middle of the Netherlands surprised and delighted us.” Ben Wright – Henhouse Prowlers

“Herman Brock Jr. is about as country a songwriter as anyone anywhere…. Texas or Holland!” Jesse Dayton

“A wonderful Dutch bluegrass album that far exceeds the sometimes playing hobbyism in the genre.”

‘Een heerlijke Nederlandse bluegrassplaat, die het in het genre soms opspelende hobbyisme ver overstijgt”

**** Volkskrant